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ill trade my soul for your frienship [entries|friends|calendar]

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[31 Dec 2010|11:03am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

were getting a homeless people gate!
i admire the fact hey live with nothing and all that i really do, but just becasue you don't have a house does not give you rights to chill at my house,to do your drugs and hang with whores!no
in these last 6 months ive learned to handle a lot of situations but kicking you off my roof at 4am is still the one i struggle with so i am very happy to get this gate, so happy i have surrendered my entire day so the man installing it can plug his ban saw (or other giant tool thing) in to my living room! i love my apartment and my landlord and this is going to make it all so much better!

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to allison [15 Dec 2010|11:26am]
[ mood | cold ]

dear (secret)journal
i miss you
ive gotten numerous pairs of new shoes and not bragged about them
most of them where free to!
i went to florida instead of cuba, but it was cool
there is a giant machine outside right now and its super cold in here
so im going to go eat some h-burger and go to work :)

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[27 Dec 2009|03:39pm]
oh journal
no one made a christmas list this year :( not!
this clearly means lj is so 2008!
anyways i got the greatest gift possible this year!
Mr. Hammersley is the best gift giver of all time and fortunetly for me he had my name in the secret santa.
like how for my 19th birthday i got a long board...
i know your all biting at the bit to know now, so please do not get jealous i will share with you if your nice, because i am getting 13 ISSUES OF VICE!!!!
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[09 Dec 2009|01:04am]
oh journal night shifts throw me off soooo soo much
harriet is passed out and has probably been since 7 and i won't be going to bed till she is almost getting up :( but luckily we threw a GIANT house party saturday (for jeys birthday) and i've spent most days cleaning up still i just found a container of fruitopia under one of the couches and some tape on the ceiling!
someone puked on my couch which pretty much sucked and i vow to ban whoever it was from attending another guigues party, i think it was this weird Asian guy who no one really knew....
anyways tylers birthday was a raging success peaches was phenomenal and i ran in to val and we all went out together afterwards, except for the fact Allison was suffering from swine influenza it may just be our most successful group trip to mtl yet
i got a new hat its pretty bad ass i look like a plateosaurus in it (says cory jey and emera)and i survived a 12 day solid stint at work only to receive the most bad ass cheque ever!
unfortunately ive whittled away the money rather quickly what with buying my first bus pass since cathcart and a bit o christmas shopping, paying bills and ahhem joining the gym to keep looking sooooooo good!
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[11 Oct 2009|10:16am]
ugh so im totally still sick
and i definetly don't think its worth it nay more
Nana has been hospitalized with terminal cancer
and becasue im sick i haven't been able to visit :(
i feel like such a dic
i found out on monday and spent the entire day rolled up on my bed
but Racheal came over and brought a cheer up movie so we ate white choclate brownies (60% chocolate)
and i felt alot better :)
i tried to stay in all week to get better but i ended up out every night
Jowie took me to see Inglorious Basterds and Alyssa and i got vegan cupcakes and underrooos
we got a brand new dining room table, from blue print beside my work its awesome
and i finally hit up the village, and got a sweeeet new shirt
Cory and Jey (formerly jeff) came home last and wook me up at 3:30 to feed me poutine and tell me tails
it was like old times no third random guy who "just followed us home" and it was nice

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[02 Oct 2009|09:47am]
[ mood | sick ]

oh livejournal i am dying
and this time i know my disease was contracted in mtl.
infact i know a boy named micheal gave it to me.
i contracted it because of my filthy habits so i guess i deserve it in a way
but a free cuban is a free cuban!
so now im still suffering
but those three long night in montreal smoking cubans and hanging outwith the french boys was worth it
i think
so now because i sick ive coped out on most of my plans for this week past
which was easy cause i was also on nights
so i stayed in an cooked for everyone
like old days becasue cory and jeff are living elsewhere
so i made a huge thing of shepperds pie
that was all gone by the time i got home :)
and a giant pot of chilli
which we made into chilli cheese fries! :)
and im pretty sure im making muffins today
cause im going out tonight
to eat alyssas muffins and hit up disorganised
ugh i can't breath through my nose :(

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for you renee [23 Sep 2009|09:48pm]
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[20 Sep 2009|11:42am]
ugh im being over worked, but thankfully
i got a riase on friday! woot
so im still making more then harie that was actually my boss's perogative!
i fixed both my bikes this week which made me feel fairly competent with tools, so confident tyler and i have decided that installing the pot rack is do-able! so i am getting a drill! but that scene from queer as folk (when they drill thought the water pipe and lood the attic!) is secretly repeating in my mind over and over
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[02 Sep 2009|11:27am]
so i got some new kicks the are sick nike flights (dunks)
next thursday im getting my vulcs
because my wife got a wicked promotion!
i am no longer the bread winner :(
but o well im super excited were going to save up and go to cuba in march now,hopefully with a bunch of people
other then that im stuck on night shift for the entire month of sept basicly, which womps

meaghan and kyle are living in on our couches atm and its awesome, but its going to suck when meaghan leaves for basic. harriet i think hasn't thought about it much but i guess we can deal with it in a week, currently we are watching interview with a vampire
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its all about good P.R [14 Aug 2009|08:37pm]
so i got kicked out of the party before i even got there!
all because i apparntly told some girl (who cut in line like 67weeks ago) off
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[27 Jul 2009|09:41pm]
so like i said more later
here it is as promised!
umm yeah so today i hung out with harriet and her little dutch cousins, it was a blast.
we biked around and went to sassy bead and made stuff and then we had a huge lunch at our place because the rain put a damper on our plans. harriet s other aunt and sister came for lunch and then we went to Aboriginal Experience, a touisty spot i had never been to before. and though it was cool not really really worth the 7 dollar cover. but i  will admit i lerned alot about or native people and their traditional houses! then we biked somemore, went to her aunt and uncles for a big dinner and then to piccolo grande for gelato!
came home and the threesome where drunk on the porch, so we all decied to go get pitchers.
but i suddenly didn't feel good,like i feel attrocious. i think it was probably the gelato :(
so im going to watch a movie with tyler now
but first here are some pictures of my awesome day!
being sick sucksCollapse )

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[27 Jul 2009|10:27am]
soooo i bought this amazing bike yesterday.
i was going to give it to my mom as a late birthday present but then harriet saw it and fell in love!
so today we are going biking cause we both have the day off :)
i am super craving shawarma
shower is free more later....i have loads to pointlesly go on about
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[14 Jul 2009|04:20pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

in the past two weeks ive managed to fuck everything ive ever really thought of myself up
it such a wierd feeling
and it makes me so sad

and now the weather is crap and i can't even just go sit outside and think all the trouble away

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[07 Jul 2009|11:00pm]
hey ok
so i got a new place and its pretty swank!
its got hugge ceilings and stained glass windows and real wood floors, and  thousand and one more cupboards, plus laundry is still free so yeah!
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[24 Jun 2009|07:15pm]
oh journal i had such a fantastic weekend!
friday i had a bad shift but cory jeff and harriet came in and finished with me. so i skated home and had a drink headed out to the bar. had a good night
saturday we hosted a party. everyone brought wine, we had cheese and shrimp and pork tenderloin, angel foodcake and salads. it was sweeeeeet. but the best part was when two pirates showed up and threw gold coins ono the balcony covering us in a shower of chocolate coins, another highlight of the night was when some crazo tossed a lighter from downstairs right into meghans wineglass!
then we went to the bar and racheal showed up drunk on her bike with a ceramic vase and a huge bouquet of flowers for  Harriet propting an early night.
sunday i drank some beer and played football in the park with my Pa.
then watched the entire first season of Rob & BIG
monday we got a house!!!!!!!!!!
back in the market. two blocks closer to downtown but on the same block e-w!
tuesday was my lady's birthday. she got a giant rainbow jello cake! its pretty tastey. i honestly didn't believe it was possible to make its been a myth for two years.
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[11 Jun 2009|02:05pm]
dear livejournal
im in love
and its great

no really though im pretty pleased with most things.
i got a bike its pretty bad ass. 3 speed 1974 robin hood raleigh sport SE, and im totally still sueing if i can read through the paper work its like 6 pages of constant re read

i do still need a place to call my ownelone. we have like 20 days till we need to vacate "cambridge estates" :P
i managed not to spend 1 cent of my last paycheck though so  awesome ill be un broke soon enough hopefully

ummumm umm yeah i have another free slurpee from 7-11

this passed weekend was a shit show, we got our first real noise complaint, i recieved a large amount of free alcohol from my work, and then again on saturday. along with alot of free drugssssssssssss
ive got a huge friends crush on this chick like i can't get over it. but i toally can't even talk to her about anything unless jeff is there. so we will probably nevr become bffs. sad i know
ok well i should definetly clean before my wife comes home and finds out i slept till 12 wrote in here and ate a bagel today
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[21 May 2009|02:35pm]
3bdrm apartment
dr claw


can provide baked goods and sexual favours in exchange

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the later days [14 May 2009|08:37am]
im sitting on my most comfortable and very messy bed. it feels amazing
i have the house to myself for the first time since weve been home.
tyler and harriet both aren't really working so they sit around and watch alot of tv together. while ive exhauasted my self training for night shifts at work. i like them alot but its sooo much work.its more like what i went to school for. but they are cooking for me every night and cleaning and its soooooo nice :)

yeah so ive been home a little more then a week. we got in officially on the 29th april but we didn't get home till the 4th of may cause we went down to st kitts to party with Adrian and Spencer. it was a gay old time. pun intended hahahaha. but really it was sooo nice. spencer is a genius. there was this little gay bar nous vous or soemthing to that effect that we kiled friday night at. adrina unfortuntly dind't survive through the night and i came closer to peeing my pants then ever before in my life!

but ill finish up my adventures in Oz before i ramble too to much.
so yeah Brisvegas..
It was awesome, no one seemed to enjoy it asmuch as we did. we wandered through china town and got dodgy asain for supper, a good for dessert and a new hostle shortle after. we were at a place called chill, it was cold and quiet as they promised but ti was raining an everything was outdoors...dinning tables and entertainment included. so we stayed out of the hostle the whole three days we where there. so we found the Queensland Arts Gallery which was really neat, there was his display about asain packaging and it was a fake store with just packaging like no products in the packages but the real packaging it was amazing and thn harriet broke it.kidding. brisbane also has this huge ferriswheel like the lodon eye but obviously not, but we where to broke to ride on it :(
so we found a bunch of affordable market where we got dresses, fruit, greasy food, and eventually sweet bag. we drank two goons and a bottle of bundaberg over the long weekend once we moved to yellow submarine. it was a dank little hole with awesome murrels and a bunch of drunk workers. it was amazing. there was a dildo named derrek who was always in someones face, or hitting someones face ha. but we killed so much time drinking at their long picnic tables, i won in an arm wrestle against a girl from seatle who was pretty butch and i think the most amazing thing from that weekend was that at one point there where 9 goons on the table! or maybe making budget fajitas! for easter we went to a licenced movietheatre and saw slum dog millionaire.which i must say the book is a million times better.

we went to surfers paradise from there and it was kindof sad, (in the same way the zoo was though!) there are these crazy tall buildings like the worlds tallest residential building and a million other skyscrapes and it shadows over the beach which is really nice. but you could basicl sum the whole city up in three things; tourist shops, night life, beach. thats why people go to Surfers which seems funny because thats all most of the coast offered up, maybe we where just getting jaded at this point but it was lame. we did get a surprise visit from Adreas at Coles. he like bear huged us from behind. turns out they had called us from brisbane and it just hadn't worked, so we mde plans for that night because Joakim was really hurting and not able to do much walking. but then we tried to call them thta night and it didn't work so we never saw them again :(
the day after that we left Surfers for Byron. and yeah Byron Bay was worth it. it was cute alot more built up then i expected it to be but it was still pretty small, no McDonalds or other chains except for surf stores. the first night we where there we stumbled upon a drum circle and some poi, so we (ofcoarse) got a goon and sat and watched for a while then we headed out to the bars. had a classic night. the next day we spent lying on the beach decided we needed an extra day in Byron and pretty much did nothing else.That night we got in our only fight of the trip it was bad news, and it was soooo stupid and i was obviously right! lol anywyas the day after that was the friday so we explored past the town and got some fish and chips, did some bodyboarding and tanned the day away, then we found some more drummers and hung out till we had to catch our overnight bus to Sydney.

After that bus from Byron we caugth another directly to Canberra, which is the capital. It was such a downer. we had thought we could see a bit of the city in the 5 hours we had there, but we where so wrong. firstly becasue when we got off the bus there was no where to put our bags, so we had to go find a yha a few blocks away, tehn we were cold, tired and kinda lost so we tried walking around but it was getting really dark and it was only like 4 so we resigned our plans and just went out to dinner instead. Then wet back and got our bags, and then hopped on another over night bus to Melbourne.

We got to Melbourne sunday morning at 6 am and most people in the train station where still drunk. we met some boys who had spent the nigh in jail for breaking some windows and where pissed the cops had busted up their smokes,and we met these hillarious iish guys who invited us to stay in their gaage when they found out we had no place to stay yet. we ended up giving the later our number an chatting for about an hour. we got a cool little place downtown as we where hopeing to hear from som o my sisters friends about a place to stay for cheap. so we went out sunday morning arket huntig and found one, and some other cool stuff nothing as memorable as the drunk boys. so that night we tried to go have soem drunk fun at  proper non backpacker club, we ended up going to one the LP recomended. i called them up and they where all "yeah were open till ate come out" so we got there at about 9:45 and they hd closed! bitches. but the bar tender told me of another plae so we went there and got $13drinks and kinda bored. we had alot of trouble getting home from the bar that night MELBOURNE TRANSIT SUCKS!!so much! oh man we got tram tickets and waited and waited k no wait the lady at the info centre took my money and bought me two tram tickets, ther better. and then we waited and waited and waited until i phoned them up and found out that service was over for the night!  monday we saw a comedy skit show and just explored the downtown and the botanical gardens.tuesday we went to the beach with a boy who we never actually introduced ourselves tooand made friends with Tom over bolognese spaghetti and my hair. wednesday we went to two different savers stores, and then the comedy clubs with Tom. we saw an amature show abot a girl who was dared to watch an intire movie stores setion of porn and then a professional whose name i never remeber. it was a really good night. then thursday we went vintage shopping and to Euro trash.i can't rember the friday, but we decied to leave and try andget got see Pascale again cause it was her birthday. so we caught an over night bus to Sydney.

So back in Sydeny for the third time we had a good idea of what we wnated to do Sacha was the manager of HQ now so he gave us our old room and we hung out quite a bit. The first Saturday back we went to the Glebe market and Pattys market, walked around China town and darling harbour. harriet through her shirt out of the third storey window and it landed on the awning so we spent oree getting it back using our MicGuiver skills then we got drunk with richie and the boys from Hq at a place called SOHO. Sunday we went to Bondi Beach and took a walk around Bondi and Tamarrama neighbourhoods. Then got drunk with the HQ kids at the BBQ. Monday we hit up Oxford st in an attempt to find a souvenire fo Tyler! My Sister took us out for dinner and it was AMAZING the most money ive ever seen spent on a meal $20 cocktails and omg food! then we got her soem drinks and she had to head back so then it was Richies last night so we took him out for drinks. Tuesday we went to the rocks to get Emu pizza which i thought was nasty, when we got back we re packed and the  went out for last night drinks at world bar.
The next morning was disater, our airport shuttle didn' show so we blew like 75 getting to the airport, what with swine flu phobia jsut starting we had to be ther 3 hours before our flight.
Same in LA, so we didn't leave the airport and they wouldn' serve us anything but breakfast and booze until after 10 and i was underage, an had had two breakfast on the plane. ie i was grumpy.
then in toronot we where selscted for a random bag seach and got out of it because we were panicy, and then i was searched going through carry on bag check! we almost missed our flight!
we caught it and got back to ottawa about 11
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VIVA BRIS-VEGAS!! [13 Apr 2009|02:16pm]
g'day mates how you going?
me im awesome, tanned and well rested
harreit and i have been in AU for a little more then  a month now. we spent two weeks with my family in palms pacific which was amazing.
we  learned to surf and pretty much did nothing for a solid two weeks. then we had the wedding which was gorgeous.
umm after that we went back to sydney and spent a week doing nothing there becasue that was the only way to do it! haha no we went to manlyand bondi beaches and toronga zoo, kicked it on the ferry, hung out in hyde park and drank a goon or two at HQ in kingscross.

Then we flew out to Cairns where we partied a little to hard one night and Harriet made a mess of herself, the day after while we had horrible goon hangovers, we went out on a boat to see the Great Barrier Reef! i snorkled and scuba dived while my partner in crime chickened out and stayed dry on the glass bottom boat. pretty much the rest of time we spent in cairns we just walked around and hungout by the Lagoon, which is soo nice.

From Cairns we bussed to Townsville where we got harresed by a crazy homeless woman and spoked by the complete abandoment of the town. other wise we did exactly as we did in Cairns drank to much goon with some people and hungout at the lagoon

Airlie was our next spot. It was lame! the whole town is about 1km,like russell kinda. so we bought rum and coke and spent the night in a cabin with 6 aussies, 2 brits and a little philipeno man.

From Airlie it was a 13 h bus ride to Hervey Bay, where we saw a Shark, Possum, and a blowfish (the shark was actually eating the blowfish!) we went naked kayaking drank some beer with other backpackers and just kicked it for a few days. we had this HUUUGE bed so we didn't really feel like rushing out of there!

We did finally leave and ended up in Rainbow Beach which was very similar to Airlie, talked up with not to much to do. so we climed on this giant sand dune sat on the beach and met some Swedish boys!

With the Swedish boys in tow we headed to Nossa Heads, which was glamorus and we got free kayaks and surfboards from our hostle! so along witht sweds andres and joakim we tried to surf, body board and tan for two solid days, then we spent a day upset about a cancellation, so we just went walkabout. we played pingpong and realised we suck, and drank with the boys at night lol

And that brings us to brisvegas!
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[24 Feb 2009|09:43am]
big news time!
i leave in 1 day. well i guess two but im not counting today
im getting so exciting. im pretty sure it would be voed rediculous under any other circumstance!
i seriously can't consentrate on one thing at a time right now!
i just have to finish packing up books and stuff before i pack my trek bag.
our room is just in piles...more like mountains.
mountains of "maybe taking clothes", mountains of "crap to donate to the village" and a stack of pack up rubbermaid containers with our life packed away for a safe return.
but to achieve the piles we have, i had to go through soooo much paper, stuff from grade 10, locker art people drew for me, love notes and doodles, most of which were gace and renee. it was insane! some stuff totally brought me back. like a drawing from sandra about queens who flail their arms.and the lyrics to "your ghetto love" sam wrote in glitter glue, i was astounded. but more so that id held on to all of it for this long.
pack rat!
my lady bough me a sweet shirt last night, which i much needed im going to go buy some shorts today too so that i have a pair!
yesterday i got last hangouts with j-fizz and racheal and the 122 bronson regulars, and renee and i made bread (which was actually ok!)
on the weekend brother ben bought me a new ipod!!!! :) zoomg best brother ever
saturday was a shit show.
and then we ended up at matty's
i woke up like id never fallen asleep and jeff made us all an alcholics breakast, strawberry's in rum on french toast, with brass monkeys. it was soooooooo good!

well im going to go get my day started. play safe kids and ill see you in may (maybe)
(ill probably photo host and write her more whil im gone then i ahve since ive lived in china town)
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